Saturday, May 30, 2009

Front Yard Picnic

The weather has been beautiful!

Jaelyn and I had a picnic in the front yard yesterday. We laid out a blanket, cranked the music way up, ate lunch and just soaked up the sun.

I enjoyed a chicken fiesta wrap. It was one of the Oscar Meyer Deli Creations, you find in the refridgerated section. This was my first time trying one (I had a coupon so it was only $1.50) It wasn't bad at all, a bit pointy, but yummy.

Jaelyn had a corn dog.

And we shared a bowl of fruit.

The watermelon was so sweet and juicy. I love a good watermelon on a hot day.

While Jaelyn splashed around in his pool, I laid back with a book and a light beer.

What a great afternoon.

Happy Sunshine!