Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Family Fix}Annual Heeps Family Picnic

This past weekend was my family picnic in BC.
It's an annual event, were the family comes together, catch up with each other, eat, compete in races, eat and eat some more.

I got my grub on all day.  It was shameful.

Here are just a few pic of what I ate.

 For lunch,
tuna wrap
thai chicken wrap
1/2 hot link

chicken leg
bean salad
potato salad
baked beans

I also enjoyed an iced cold Red Stripe

A few more pics of the day.
Mr. A napping
Avon, Lincoln and Jaelyn
Sissy and I
Me with my cousins and brother
 My MIL bought us these shirts while on her vacay at Universal Studios so I thought the picnic was the perfect place to wear them.
Sometimes I really do feel like we are a family of Things.
Another fun family picnic.