Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Family Fix} Avon's Pirate Party

About 2 years ago, I found a bunch of pirate birthday party supplies on clearance at Michael's. Being the frugal gal I am, I snatched them up and stored them away in my storage closet. I originally planned on using them for Jaelyn's next birthday, but he wasn't feeling the pirate idea. And since I knew I wanted to have a Tye Dye theme for Avon's first party, I decided to use them for his 2nd birthday party, which was this past Saturday at my Mom's house.

Since my nephew Lincoln's birthday is also in August, I decided to do a combo party for the both of them.  I had so much fun with planning this party and got really into the pirate theme.

Party Decor

In addition to the food, I put out some snacks inspired by the pirate theme.
Dead Man's Punch
Cannon Balls
Pirate Rope
Ship Planks
Catch O' the Day
Each kid was given an eye patch and red sash to wear.  I also had pirate hats for each of them to decorate with markers and stickers.

For activities, I set up a "plank" for the kids to walk.
I made some telescopes and bought some foam swords for the pirates to play with on the plank.

Another activity I had planned was a Treasure Hunt.
I wrote up a quick little poem that led the kids around the yard from one clue to the next.

To find the treasure,
you must follow the map.
Put one foot before the other,
and don't look back.

Clue number 1,
is just beyond the gate.
Look in the flower pot,
and don't be late.

Clue number 2,
 will lead you to 3.
Walk to the front yard,
where you'll see a tree.

You're getting closer and closer,
the the treasure of sweets.
Return to the backyard,
to claim your treats.

While they were distracted with the clues, I had my dad sneak and put the treasure chest on the plank.  The kids were pretty excited when they opened it up and saw goody bags pirate loot.
The loot.

My Mom and Sissy made cupcakes that were so good.
To dress them up, I made some toppers and these cute little paper pirates to look like Avon and Lincoln.

The party was a success.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves, esp. the birthday boys.

Can't believe my baby boy is 2 already.
Happy Birthday Avon!
Mommy and Daddy love you!


  1. Oh my gosh what a fun party and awesome theme! xo

  2. Oh!!!! this is so cute. It speaks to the party planner in me! Oh, I can't wait to have kids....Or maybe I'll just plan my niece's b-day....

  3. nice colourfrul pics mom, had a blast with the kids it's quiet here now !!!!!

  4. Cute .. You did an awesome job

  5. I love this! Great job! Do you have any links to these amazing printables?

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