Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Food Fix} Taste of Tacoma

This past weekend we went to The Taste of Tacoma.  A food festival featuring all kinds of different cuisines. 
This year was especially exciting for us because my BIL Rocky had a booth selling his delicious cupcakes. 
His company, Goodies Cupcakes and Delights specialize in unique flavor combinations including watermelon, cherry, mint chocolate chip and kiwi lime.
Some of them are named after family members.  He even has one named after my son, J-Boogie Banana!  So cute.

Uncle Rocky, the cupcake man!

Mr. A loves them.
I know how delish they are, and I really try not to eat them.
But I couldn't resist the Pecan Delight!!

Of course we didn't go to a food festival just to eat cupcakes. 
There was so much more to try.

I started with an Elk burger.

This was my first Elk burger, although I've had Elk meat before.  It wasn't too bad.
A bit dryer that a beef burger, but the grilled onions added some moisture. 

In addition to the food booths, there is also lots of other booths selling locally made items.

Father and Son of Gianni's. Adorable guys.

After trying the samples of this Balsamic Vinegar, I had to buy a bottle.  It was delish and I can think of so many things to spread it on, like grilled veggies, salmon, or even a spinach salad.
One of the more unique food items at the fair is the Alligator on a Stick.
Of course we gave it a try.
Jaelyn thought it was chicken and we didn't tell him is wasn't until he finished his piece.  Ha Ha!
Tasted like fried Pork.

Just a few more thing we tried. BBQ, Jamaican Patty, Lumpia and Coconut Milk.

I love food, so naturally I love a food fest.

Even little Wynnie had a good time.