Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Food Fix} Food Find - Jif Mocha Cap

While wandering the aisles of Target, I spotted this.

Hmm, what do we have here?  I thought to myself.

Mocha Cappuccino flavored Hazelnut Spread.

I like the sound of that.

Of course I had to try it.  Which has the potential to be really good, but really bad too.

I hope it's not so good, that I get hooked and can't stop eating it.

When I finally got to try it, I opted for a plentiful spread on a slice of whole grain bread.

Folded it over and took a bite.

Smooth and creamy!
Chocolately and Mocha-y!

So good.

I really did want another, but I also want to look good in my jeans, so I quickly screwed the lid back on the jar and returned it to the cabinet.