Monday, April 9, 2012

{Family Fix} Easter at the Market

Happy Easter!!

Yesterday, we had a great day.  It started with a egg hunt in the front yard for Avon.  He loved it, each time he found an egg he got so excited.  Totally cute.

Of course we got a few pics.

 {Me and my babes, minus Jaelyn, he's still on the East Coast}

Wynter wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot, she was all tears so this is as good as it got for her.

After Avon's egg hunt, we headed out to downtown Seattle.  The weather out here was beautiful, a perfect day to stroll around the Pike Place Market.

here are so pics from our stroll

Aren't these pepers pretty the way they are hanging all together?

I love all the handmade items for sale.  I thought these glass blown bulbs were pretty.

Of course there are lots of fresh spring flowers for sale at the market.

And plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.


Seattle is such a beautiful city.  Lots of culture, and art.  You never know what you might see at any given moment. 

Like this art experience of blue trees,

and massive game of Chess.

More sites of Seattle.

While downtown, we took a look into World Market.  If you are not familiar, World Market is a store full of unique items from many places.  They sell a mix of goods, from beautiful furniture, beer & wine, packaged foods, sweet goodies and fashion accessories all from around the world. 

While cruising the aisles, I found some interesting items.


this beer from Belgium.

Hilarious name.

And this microwaveable can of Spotted Dick from England.

(I'll pass)

Well, I hope you too enjoyed your Easter Sunday.

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