Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Political Fix} Just me and President Obama

Well, maybe not just the 2 of us, there were a couple other people. 

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to get some tickets to see President Obama speak in Seattle.  My wonderful cousin Q, was volunteering at the event and got some tickets, so she passed them on.  The Hubs and I went along with my Aunt and another cousin.

The tickets were free, but we had amazing seats. 

The event was great.  He spoke about some current issues, his new American Jobs Act and of course the 2012 election.

Here we are excited to see our President.
This experience was amazing, much like his Inauguration, but much more intimate.

Being a witness to what is such a huge part of our history, knowing how far we've come as a country, and especially being a woman of color, this experience was beyond words.  I only wish my Granny had lived long enough to see it.