Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Travel Fix} Vaction Food No.2

The food adventure continues.

One day while everyone was napping, my Sis and I snuck off for a sweet and cold bite of ice cream.
It was so hot out there and this ice cream was just the ticket.

For the last 2 days of our trip The Hubs, Boys and I, headed back to New York.
Our quest to find the best slice of pizza was back in full force.
The Hubs found Patsy's Pizzeria in Harlem online.  The rating for this place were great so we had to try it. I enjoyed it, but knew we could find better.

Mr. A killed his piece without a complaint.

The next slice we had was this cheese and ricotta from a place called Carve.
We decided to share a slice and I have to admit, after it was gobbled and gone, I was in love.
The crust was crispy and soft in all the right places.  The sauce had flavor but not overpowering and the ricotta was warm and creamy the perfect contrast to the melty mozza.

This slice easily became my favorite!!

We didn't do a lot of sweets while in NY, but the one sweet treat we couldn't deny was a slice of Cheesecake from Juniors.
One piece between the 3 of us didn't last long.  So good.

Harlem NY has some amazing Soul Food. 
Jacob Restaurant has an incredible buffet of traditional soul food dishes.
And this place was packed with people, which is only a good indication of how amazing the food is.

We decided to fill a take out container with small portions of our must haves,
greens, black eyed peas, yams, mac and cheese, fried chicken, short ribs, ox tails, baked chicken and curry potatoes.

My pregnancy cravings kicked in when I spotted the grapefruit slices on the salad bar so I got a few slices and Jaelyn wanted some banana pudding.
Everything tasted even better than expected.  I will definitely be making a stop at Jacobs the next time I'm in Harlem.

On most blocks in, dare I say, "The Hood" in NY, you will find these carts, with woman selling icies.
You can choose a single flavor or combination of mango, cherry, coconut or rainbow.

Coco-Mango is my fave.

In the dog days of summer in NY, it's hard to walk by one of these carts and not order an icy.

More cheese pizza.  And my 2nd runner up for the best.  This slice came fresh out the oven at a place that was simply called 99cent Pizza.
The crust was perfect, the sauce was spread just right and the cheese was flavorful.
And let's be honest, the price was right!

Our last dinner was had in Little Italy.  Being the food crazed folk that we are, we decided to check out two different restaurants.

The first was Benito One.
We ordered some bruschetta,

And Fettuccine Bolognese.
The sauce was lite and the noodles were fresh, the best.

We finished our Italian dinner at Giovanna's.
Where we shared a plate of Lasagna.
I love Italian food and these two restaurants didn't fail to deliver great food.

Our last morning in New York was spent back in Harlem were we went to the famous Sylvia's.
Another amazing soul food restaurant.

I ordered the chicken and waffles.
Fluffy waffles and juicy chicken - TKO

Jaelyn got hotcakes, bacon and eggs.

The Hubs ordered the whiting with grits and eggs.

He also ordered a kids meal of chicken, greens and mac & cheese "to go" for the flight home.

One happy and stuffed family of four.

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