Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Fun fix} There's nothing like great music.

In the last few weeks I've been to two great concerts.

The first was Janet Jackson in Montreal.
The tickets were a surprise from my cousin.
The show was a lot of fun.

The second was John Legend and Sade.
My beautiful Sissy bought both myself and her bestie tickets for our birthdays and our Mum a ticket for mothers day.
That concert was amazing!!!
Let me tell you, if you've never seen John Legend in concert, you are missing out.  That man's voice is so incredible not to mention Sexy!  He is by far the best vocalist I've seen in concert and I've been to a lot of great concerts.
Sade was the headliner and she put it down!!
I was in awe the entire time.
She really put on a production.  The lighting, stage art, her performance and the band...
Beyond all my expectations.
She put so much thought, time and money into the whole show, I walked away feeling very appreciated as a fan.
The best concert I've ever been to.

Thanks Sissy, you're the best.