Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Family Fix} Avon's Tye Dye Birthday Party

Over the weekend we celebrated Mr. A's first birthday with a Tye Dye party.

I can't believe my little man is a year old already.

I love to bake and since I made Jaelyn's 1st birthday cake, I decided to make Avon's too.  But this cake is extra special...

We had the party at a local park here in Tacoma that had just been redesigned with a new play area and sprinkler park. 
To keep with the Tye Dye theme, I had all the kiddies bring a plain white T to dye, so each of them went home with their own little creation.


Of course we had to get a family photo of the 4 of us because soon we will be a family of 5.

The Cake

What Tye Dye party is complete without a Tye Dye Cake?

Not this one.

So, I made one with the help of big brother J-Boogie.

We used 2 boxes of white cake mix and followed the prep directions but before pouring it into my cake pans, we separated the batter into 5 smaller bowls.

In each of the bowls we mixed in food coloring...
Next we poured equal amounts of each colored batter into 3 different cake pans, like so...

Once all the batter was poured, we used skewer sticks to swirl the colors into each other.

I baked the cake as directed by the box.
The final product was awesome and made for a cool surprise.
Everybody loved it.