Sunday, July 3, 2011

{Love Fix} Anniversary Dinner

To celebrate for our anniversary the Hubs and I went out for dinner. I had steak on the brain. Not something I usually crave but it was exactly what I wanted last night.

We chose to indulge at Stanley and Seaforts, a seafood and steakhouse.

For a starter we shared their Smoked Chicken Tortellini.  So good, I almost forgot to get a picture of it.

Our main meal was a Surf and Turf dinner for two.
A huge lobster tail, crab legs, prawns and a 14oz steak.

It was super duper delish.

Because we were celebrating we got a free Creme Brule.
I've never actually had one before, but now that I have, I don't think it'll be my last.
This dessert was so ridiculous.
I really was better off not knowing how mmm mmmm goood it is.

Check out this bill!!

Would've been nice to have our entire meal for free, but we knew this must have been a mistake.
We showed the waitress, and yup, it was a mistake. 
She was only supposed to discount the dessert.

Needless to say we paid just like the good people we are.

One last pic and we headed home with full bellies.
Ahh, so good.