Friday, July 8, 2011

{Fun Fix} Out with my Love

This past week the fam and I headed North to BC for our annual Family Picnic.  I'll post about that later.  While we were there, The Hubs and I decided to getaway for the day, just the 2 of us and go hang out in the city.

Our first stop was Horseshoe Bay.
This little area is north of Vancouver headed towards Whistler.

The surrounding scenery is beautiful.  Mountains and water.

He loves that shirt.

Of course while we were down there we had to go to Trolls.
For their delish Fish and Chips.

We shared a 2 piece cod.  So gooood.

Can you tell, I was lovin it?

While we were walking around, The Hubs spotted this pizza joint and curiosity took over.

Low Fat Pizza?  Does it taste any good?
He ordered up a slice of Hawaiian.
You know I had to take a bite. 
It was good, my only complaint is it had a soft bottom crust.  I like a little crunch.

When we left Horseshoe Bay, we headed to downtown Vancouver to stroll around.
I really love this city. 
It's so vibrant and busy.  A real city.
I'm a city girl.

While we were there, we walked into a street festival.
"Carnival Del Sol"
A festival celebrating the Latin cultures and food.

These 2 guys were having a dance off.  Really funny.

What a great day out, just the 2 of us.  It's rare for us to get away without the kids and not have to worry about getting back to them right away.

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