Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Creative Fix} Stop and Smell the Roses

Last week, my girl Melinda, invited me to a Floral Arrangement group she found on
At first, I kind of laughed at her like, girl, you're turning into an old lady.  But of course I was interested.  I mean, I do love to craft.

The event was held on a sweet farm house.  We were greeted by the host Julia, who runs a bridal floral business out of her house.
First thing on the agenda was for everyone to introduce themselves.  And just in case you are wondering, the woman were all ages.

After the introductions, Julia did a quick demo and then it was time to get busy.

We were supplied with a vase and craft wire,

and of course the flowers.
Much to my surprise, there is a specific technique to arranging a flower bouquet.
Cross and Twist.
It took me a minute to get the hang of it.

But eventually, I ended up with something I was proud of.

Melinda liked hers so much, she wanted to eat it.

The final product.
We had a good time last night. 
Met some friendly people,
Scratched our creative itch,
And went home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Have you heard of

Before this, I hadn't, but it's pretty cool.

Check it out, you might find something fun to do in your area.