Monday, May 9, 2011

{Family Fix} Special Days

Mothers Day was another great one.  I woke up with both my boys in the bed with me.  I really didn't have to do anything else at that point.  I could've laid there all day and be the happiest Mommy on the planet.

The Hubs made me breaky.  I wanted waffles.

I'm not gonna go into my Mother's Day dinner, I'll just say there was a buffet involved. 
 It was bad, but oh so good.

Of course I had to take some pics, here's a quick shot of me and my boys on my first Mother's Day as a Mommy of 2. 

And as if Mother's Day didn't make my last few days special enough, today is my big boy's
5th Birthday. 
I can't believe he is already 5.  It just makes me wanna cry.

 This morning we surprised him with a new bike.  He was so excited.
He said "I wish I can sleep with my new bike and helmet, but my bed is too small"  Too cute.

The following pic, is only because it's just so damn adorable.