Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Food Fix} Lite and Easy Quesadilla's

I had been craving a chicken quesadilla for a few days, so when The Hubs came home with a store bought rotisserie chicken, I knew one was in my near future.

I saved some of the chicken so I could make a yummy quesadilla in no time.


First I sauteed some onions, and peppers with EVOO and S&P
(of course you could use whatever veggies you like)

 Then I added the chicken, which I had cut into bite size pieces.
In a second pan, (sprayed with non-stick spray), I assembled my quesadilla.
In a whole wheat tortilla, I sprinkled a touch of shredded mexi-cheese, layered the chicken-veg mix and another sprinkle of cheese.

Folded it over and browned on both sides making sure to melt the cheese.


I paired with a baked sweet potatoe.
So good.  And satisfied my craving.
Couldn't ask for more...
well maybe a mango margarita.
Next time.