Monday, February 21, 2011

{Family Fix}

The Hubs, the boys and I all spent the weekend in BC with the fam.
It was a spontaneous trip. My niece Dejia, turned 15 last week, but she was here visiting us, so her party was not until this last Saturday.

So, at the last minute we decided to go.

The party was at an old pool hall.  And since they had the pool hall rented out for the entire night, my brother decided to have an adult party after the kids left.

{Here are some pics of the night}
Dejia in the middle, where she at?
In the middle.
Me, Big Bro, Sis In Law and Little Sis

Me, Little Bro and Little Sis.

The 4 of us.

The Hubs and I

We had a blast at the adult party.  Didn't get home til 4 in the AM. 
Good times.  There's nothing like fun with the fam.