Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family weekend, 1 week late.

There's still time, to enter my Pillsbury Giveaway!!

Between nursing, dirty diapers, family visits, giving Jaelyn his needed attention and the regular everyday chores it's been hard to get a healthy meal in, let alone try to blog about it. So please forgive my sporatic posts.

Last weekend was spent in BC with the family. Saturday we made our annual trip to the PNE. Of course, this meant lots of fair food, lots of walking and lots of family fun.

A couple pics of the day.

{My beautiful Mum}
{Jaelyn, Grandpa, and Lincoln}
{Avon and I}

I didn't take a pic of all the food consumed, but I had to document this Nastiness-On-A-Stick.
My Mum was so curious to try the deep fried Mars bar. So she bought one and passed it around. I wasn't brave enough to take a bite. It just looked Yuck!!

My parents both said it wasn't what they expected and wouldn't try it again.
But, Lincoln loved it.


Sunday we spent celebrating Lincoln's 2nd birthday. It was a low-key family affair.
The highlight was his awesome cake made with love by his grandma.


And as if the cake wasn't enough, she also made these little cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Linc!! Auntie Loves You!