Monday, August 16, 2010


40 weeks + 5 days = 1 very anxious, irritated, uncomfortable Mommy to Be.

Yup, that's right, Little Avon has not made his arrival into this world yet and I'm starting to believe the universe is against me. What's wrong with my body? These babies get in there and won't come out until they are forced. This waiting and waiting is really putting a damper on my summer and stressing me out. I have plans, things to do, 2 trips to take and a body to get back into shape, but all of that is put on hold until Mr. Man decides to exit. Come out, come out!!

Since my Little Guy hasn't come yet, I've been trying to keep occupied. I love browsing through Etsy shops, and found some really cute baby items.

Minky Binky Blankie by MissLis Boutique

ABC 123 Learning Base Set by Play To Learn

Lil' Man Tie Onesie by Minnie Hart's

Boutique Bib Groovy Guitars by MomNMiaQuilts

Easy Wipe Diaper Clutch by Baby Bib and Boot

Noah's Arch by 3pickles

Because I've been so miserable the last couple of days, Jaelyn and my MIL bought me some flowers to help cheer me up. So Sweet.

Jaelyn picked them out. Good job, colorful and cheerful. Just what I needed.

Oh, I forgot to mention, my Sissy, Nichelle drove down from BC in the hot heat, with no AC to come cheer me up as well. It would've been cool if Mr. A decided to come while she was here but I guess he wasn't in the mood for company. Thanks Sissy. Love you!!!

Well that's all for now. Maybe next time I'll have baby news.