Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40 weeks today... ugh.

So, today is my official due date and there is no baby in site. What is he doing in there? Besides growing and getting fat? I'm getting anxious and really trying not to stress out. My anxiety comes from knowing that I am supposed to be on an airplane in 12 days, with my little guy, headed to the Baking With Betty Event in MN. The sooner Little Man decides to come, the older he'll be when we board the plane. I'm already a little concerned about taking him on a plane so young and everyday that he is not here, I get more and more concerned. COME OUT!!!


In attempts to stay busy and keep my mind occupied, I've been taking lots of walks and doing lots of work around the house.

Yesterday, I spent some time in my (neglected) garden. The lettuce was so overgrown. I picked a ton of it, washed, wrapped it in a paper towel and stored it in the fridge. I'll be eating lots of salads in the next few days. (That's if I'm not in the hospital, where I'd rather be)

My Thyme and Oregano was also way overgrown. So I picked, washed and hung 2 bunches to dry.
So fragrant.


I can't wait for my tomatoes to be ready to pick. By this time last year, we had so many ripe tomatoes that I was giving them away. This year our summer started out so cold, that it stumped the growth of many of the plants.
There is hope in site though, I have lots of little green tomatoes on all my plants, so in due time, I will be munching down on some fresh tomatoes.


Later in the day, The Hubs and I took Jaelyn for a walk along the waterfront.

While down there, we did some crab hunting. We found lots of little crabs. But we also found lots of really pretty shells, and even a small starfish.

Check out the bright orange shell.

Jaelyn thought they were so cool. Me too.

Well, no baby yesterday. But we did have a great day, just the 3 of us. Which will soon be a thing of the past. I can't wait for our new addition.