Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy Weekend {p.1}

This weekend's festivities kept me busy busy busy! Which was good, because it kept my mind off of the anticipation of the baby. I'm so ready to have this little guy! Just 16 days left til my due date, but I'm really hoping he decides to join us early.

The weekend started of Saturday morning with Jaelyn's first ever soccer game. It was the cutest thing. He really had no clue what he was doing, but most of the kids didn't, so it made for an entertaining game.

The team of soccer kiddies.

One more of my little player.

Next up was Tacoma's Ethnic Fest.

And like most festivals, the junk food was abundant. Ice Cream, Elephant Ears, Burgers, BBQ, Cotton Candy, Curly Fries; you name it, it was there. But I didn't have any of it. Not really in the mood and it was too hot to eat. I just sipped on my water.

Instead of eating, we walked around and checked out the craft stands and little shops. You can find some really interesting items at festivals.

Jaelyn wanted to stop at the Spin Art station and make a little masterpiece. Such fun.

Here he is with his final product behind him; hung to dry.

I figured I may as well get an updated prego shot. Here I am, big as a whale, hot and sweaty.

It's amazing how many people feel entitled to comment on how far along in my pregnancy I am. I could hear people saying stuff like "Whoa, she's big" and "She doesn't need to be at the park, she's ready to drop" {I didn't know I wasn't allowed to leave the house after reaching a certain stage of my pregnancy}

Another pic of Jaelyn. He got hooked up with a hat and tattoo from the Tacoma Fire Dept. stand.

Fun, Fun. But the weekend still had more fun to come.