Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dinner with Mum and Sissy

My Sissy, has been seeing this new guy lately. He's a chef at a fancy little restaurant downtown Vancouver called The Italian Kitchen. He invited her and her familia to enjoy some of his great cooking and royal treatment. So you already know, we were all over it.
We went Sunday evening and had a great time, just the 3 of us. Not something we get to do too often so it was special.

When we got there Chef David introduced himself to Mum and I. He asked what we liked to eat and took it from there.

Everything was served family style, which we loved.

Our first platter, which is unpictured (Sissy, you forgot to e-mail me that one) had a small beat salad, roasted brussel sprouts, a bruschetta trio
(chick pea, tomato basil, pesto burrata), and a small caprese salad.

Next up, was the dinner platter.
Not quit sure what everything was called, but there was baby lobster tails, jumbo prawns, fried ravioli, chicken parmigiana, scallops. Oh my it was all so delish.

Last, but not least, Chef David made us a special desert platter.
Amaretto cherries, white chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops, chocolate cake with espresso gelato and caramel sauce, and Italian style doughnuts.

We left out of there, stuffed and Happy. It was a great dinner and time spent.
Thanks Sissy, and Chef David!