Monday, May 3, 2010

This mornings breakfast and lunch:

Egg and ham breakfast wrap with pear slices.
Gardenburger w/ cheddar and greens in a whole wheat pita.
Melon and pita chips on the side.
Saturdays breakfast and lunch:

Quaker oatmeal squares with ff milk and banana slices. (recycled pic)
Campbells chicken gumbo soup,
and a grilled cheese sammy.
Dinner was bites of this and that and a bit more of this. Nothing really worth taking pics of.

Yesterday morning the Hubs surprised me with breakfast in bed.
Homemade pancakes, turkey bacon and an egg.
{cute right?}
No fruit, but I'm not complaining.
Tuna sammy and pickles for lunch.
Yesterday we went to my MIL's for dinner. She made shrimp and cheesey grits. It was so good. I didn't have my camera, so no pic. :(