Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Time.

Decorating the tree was so much fun. We put the Christmas music on, got the coffee and hot chocolate brewing and got into the spirit.

Jaelyn was so excited about putting the star on top. He thought all the tree needed was lights and a star. So after he put the star on top, he ditched us and played with two Nut Cracker ornaments.

Eric and Hennessy got into the spirit with their holiday hats. Hennessy hates wearing clothes and esp. anything on his head, but we torture him every year long enough to take a picture.
The finished tree. We scaled down on some of the ornaments this year. I'll have to get a picture in the dark with the lights on.

Jaelyn helped with the canday canes. Can't you tell?

Here are a few of my fave ornaments.
One with a picture of our family's first Christmas Portrait.

I love bling on my tree, so I have lots of ornaments with glitter.

I bought this "U" ornament the year Eric and I got married. Our last name starts with a "U"
Snowmen and snowflakes are my fave Christmas symbols.
This year, I've been looking for a really cute Penguin Ornament for Jaelyn. He is the biggest penguin fan. He has penguin everything... toys, books, stuffed animals, shirts, movies. So I have to find him an ornament.
Happy Holidays!