Friday, November 13, 2009

B & L

Yesterdays breakfast was a delish egg white scramble with some mushrooms, canadian bacon, cheddar and green onion. A toasted sammy thin.
And a Comice pear. This pear was flavorful but not too sweet. Kinda had a fragrant taste, almost like perfume, but really good. Firm and delish.
I tried a new product for lunch. A Morning Star Veggie Italian Sausage. I first microwaved it for 1 min then finished it off in a sauce pan with a touch of EVOO. A toasted ww bun, grilled onion and some mustard topped it off. I have to say, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it, b/c I'm not a huge fan of Italian sausage normally. This was delicious. A great light lunch.