Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eats in Victoria, BC

Before we left to catch the ferry to Victoria, my Mum made breakfast for us. A delicious spread of pancakes, bacon and fruit. She's the best!

What a wonderful summer breakfast. Perfect plate to start the day.
The ferry ride from the mainland to the island is beautiful. The waters were glistening from the sun and the calm breeze felt so good. Of course, the entire ride I was watching and hoping to see a whale jump out the water, but no luck. We did, however see a few Seals poke their heads out, and some Bald Eagles flying overhead.

Victoria is a beautiful city. Very charming with a European flair. Lots of shopping, art, culture and activities.
In our hotel room we found complimentary waters, fresh fruit and candies. How nice.

But we also found a tray of goodies for sale. The temptation of digging in was far outweighed by the expensive price tag. After taking this pic, I put the entire tray in the cabinet.
Instead of getting down on the tray of fat and sugar, I had a handful of cherries that we picked up at the market.
I also had a cold glass of wine that we picked up at the liquor store. The Hubs sipped on a bottle of beer.
In addition to the cherries, we also picked up some trail mix, extra water and these...

So, I don't normally buy chocolate bars, actually I never do, but there is something nostalgic about the choco-bars I used to eat as a kid. These are two that I can't find in the States. Two of my favs from my childhood growing up in Canada. I only had a bite of each and the Hubs ate the rest. But those two bites sure were good.

Dinner our first night in Victoria was a delicious linguine bolognese split between the two of us. This was my plate. I wasn't expecting a whole slice of garlic bread but there it was. And there it wasn't, if you get my drift. :)
And a cold glass of ice water with lemon. While on vacay, I always try to drink plenty of water, more than usual, b/c I usually enjoy my fair share of alcohol too.
For breakfast the next morning we went to the hotel restaurant for the complimentary continental spread.
I passed on the DIY waffles even though they smelled so so good. Without them, I still had quite a full plate. I tried to fill up on smart choices, so I wouldn't be tempted to stop at every little ice cream and candy shop while walking around the harbor.
At lunch time we stopped at this Fish and Chip spot, Red Fish Blue Fish. The line was stretched long all day and we learned it is always like that. While standing in line we found out that the restaurant uses 100% Ocean Wise seafood and an Earth friendly Reuse and Recycle system. If you notice in the pic, the restaurant is nothing but a walk-up stand made from a reused shipping crate. They use all recyled paper products and even had wooden cutlery instead of plastic.
I ordered a spicy fish taco, which was more than delish and different from any fish taco I've ever had. Even the slaw was delish.
The Hubs had the fish and chips. Which were delish too, I know b/c I had a bite or two.
At dinnertime we ate at a Steak and Seafood restarant downtown. I ordered the blackened cajin salmon with a loaded baked potato. (The green is chives, I went a bit chive crazy) Yum. A delicous meal, but I definately couldn't finish it all.
We had a wonderful couple of days in Victoria.