Friday, June 5, 2009

Black Bean Banana Brownies - 2pts

1 Package of dry FF brownie mix
15oz can of black beans (rinsed, drained & pureed)
Banana optional
16 servings

So, black bean brownies have been going around the weight loss circuit for a while now. I've made them a few times and each time, tweeked the recipe a bit.
Today, I added an over-ripe banana that was sitting on the counter. I also baked the brownies in a muffin tin instead of a traditional square pan. This way, each brownie has the crunchy edges.

How did they turn out?

They taste really good. The banana was a great addition of flavor.
But they aren't perfect, I know I can make them better.
They were a bit too dense and a little on the dry side.
I baked them at 350 for 15 mins. This may have contributed to them not being as moist as I would have like. Maybe next time I will shorten the bake time to 10-12 mins.
Also, I might try to add a bit of FF Sour Cream to moisten them. This is a trick my Granny taught me. She always put sour cream in her cakes. Apple sauce might also work.

I will do a re-post when I try them again.
FYI, the point of the black beans is to add fiber.